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What happens when the head of a massive corruption fight turns out to be a little crooked himself?
The conviction of former President Lula da Silva is a reminder that Brazil's crisis -- which could even lead to a Brazilian Trump -- has global implications.
After weathering a bruising campaign to drive her from office, Dilma appears to be on her way out.
The automatic rise of Michel Temer to power, thanks to the collapse of Dilma's government, doesn't solve the political and ethical crisis that Brazil currently faces. On the contrary, this supposed solution may fan the flames.
After Brazil's congressmen voted to impeach President Dilma Rousseff last Sunday, the speaker of the lower house of congress, Eduardo Cunha, who dragged her to the edge of the political abyss, has bolstered his own chances of political survival.
Many of President Dilma Rousseff's loudest critics are embroiled in their own corruption scandals.
With her presidency at risk, Dilma Rousseff's decision to bring former President Lula da Silva back into the fold has further inflamed her critics.