operation payback

Federal prosecutors brought charges against 13 people Thursday for allegedly helping the hacker group Anonymous carry out attacks against a number of websites, including those of major credit card companies, recording industry trade groups and a member of the rock band KISS.
"This will be a calm, coordinated display of blood," the flyer said. "We will not be merciful." For example, one alleged
Assange may eventually be incarcerated or worse, but the genie is definitely out of the bottle at this point. There is no question but that hacktivist culture is now a worldwide phenomenon.
The group professing to be Anonymous, the organization allegedly behind Operation Payback, has issued an open letter to Glenn
That WikiLeaks censors anything at all shows a basic agreement with the US position: there are lives (military and civilian) in the balance, and the disclosure of identities -- even inadvertently -- could endanger them.
In an ideal world, the WikiLeaks revelations would have ended two wars. But rather than retreating, the Pentagon became emboldened that a significant portion of its dirty laundry was aired publicly.
Dutch police arrested a 16-year-old teenager on Wednesday for his involvement in the online attacks against Visa and Mastercard
PayPal said in a statement: Disabling PayPal's API can interfere with partner sites' ability to process PayPal transactions
Sarah Palin took aim at WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange, last month in a Facebook post slamming the website's disclosure
Anonymous tweeted via its "Operation Payback" Twitter account, @Anon_Operation, "FACEBOOK JUST BANNED OUR PAGE," with a screenshot