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Richard Walden President & CEO Operation USA www.opusa.org Operation USA (www.opusa.org), a 37 year old international disaster
"Fuller House" creator Jeff Franklin shares his work with the Plastic Pollution Coalition, an organization that works towards creating a world free of plastic pollution.
We need to remind the younger officials and leaders in the recipient countries that this has happened before and that pushing new or potential arrivals away from their shores condemns them almost certainly to death or imposes severe risks to their health and well-being.
I am hoping that money won't trump morality in the current conflict and that US relief agencies will weigh in on the Obama administration that picking up the pieces from someone else's civil war is not the job of US humanitarian relief agencies.
We had earlier in the day called McDonald-Douglas' Chairman in Long Beach, CA, and gotten a commitment for a free flight
Cuba, unlike countries in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, has US standard electrical systems and relies on US made or US
After more than 30 years of humanitarian aid operations in some of the world's most dangerous and/or autocratically-run places, I felt that it was at least worth a try to see what access an international NGO could have to people in need.
Charity watchdog sites rate charities on their financial growth and on the transparency of their publicly-shared information... but have yet to be able to meaningfully measure the quality or usefulness of their programs.
To think that there was no effect on many nonprofits from so much money being used in campaigns, is fooling yourself. Just 10 percent of that figure is a huge amount of money if spent for charitable purposes.
Haiti has for decades been the poorest country in our hemisphere and it was set far back by the disasters which have befallen it since 2008. It behooves us, therefore, to do better than we have done and to beseech those relief agencies which still have cash.