New findings suggest opioid use during pregnancy quadrupled in the past decade and meth use doubled.
Without cutting off the source of deadly drugs, other efforts to stem the crisis, no matter how well-intentioned, cannot be successful.
But with the nation in the midst of an explosion of opioid problems that many are saying are at "epidemic" levels, health
"For far too many people living with addiction, they feel that they are living with stigma."
If you think drug overdoses are the scourge of inner city “junkies,” think again.
I love our president, his passion and I appreciate his proposal to heal the epidemic of opioid abuse, but I believe the bigger picture goes beyond treatment centers and expanding scope of practice. We need to assist our patients from the inside, the roots, only then can they truly begin to heal.
I wish to support Senator Warren's encouragement of the scientific community to pursue marijuana as treatment for pain and as a means to reduce the tragic increases in deaths by opiate overdose.
Prohibition is a short-sighted, ineffective policy, but that's not standing in their way.
We are the ones suffering the most from people making light of our struggles. We are the ones being treated like addicts while our bodies attack us. We are the ones suffering. Would you say that someone living with cancer was drug seeking and looking for opiates to get high, not for pain relief? Why would that be okay to someone living with chronic pain?
Although addicts are astute at concealing their drug use and lightning-fast with explanations, with their faculties compromised they leave a trail of clues. I resent that I was oblivious to the signs because those clues had no context in my life.
But here's the thing: while chronic pain, job loss and loneliness can certainly make anyone depressed, it's my personal belief
The nation's drug epidemic, specifically the abuse of heroin and opiates, has earned center stage in politics and pop culture alike. The fact that we're talking about the devastating disease of addiction is welcome progress; those of us in the treatment field have been promoting awareness and de-stigmatization for years.
A Pennsylvania department refuses free Narcan kits because they would be too complicated to move during shift changes.
Kicking a drug habit—particularly when the drug is heroin—can be a lifelong battle.