Co-authored by Kindra Mohr, Policy Director and Lani Inverarity, Associate at Accountability Counsel In a stunning display
That's why institutional money (i.e. pension funds) which won't even look at investment vehicles until they reach minimum
In October 2013, the Treasury Department announced that it would stop providing funding for conventional coal plants abroad
This August a select number of Congressional offices working on international issues received an email from Advanced Energy for Life, a new PR entity extolling energy from coal. We, along with the Congressional staffers who told us about the mailing, gulped in amazement.
The Huffington Post was not able to contact Morganti Development LLC directly, and a representative for Morganti Group Inc
What is the best technology to supply remote Pakistani villages and urban slums with roof-top power? How can India use solar water pumping to slash its waste of water and power and liberate crop yields?
Rumors are circulating that some members of Congress are pushing OPIC to shift directions and finance more polluting gas projects in regions like Sub-Saharan Africa.
The direction Power Africa, President Obama's signature initiative to address energy poverty in sub-Saharan Africa, is headed
House Republicans have been pushing the bulb issue for years. They touted in their summary of the appropriations bill that