They "say whatever they want," said the newsman, who just signed a new Fox contract.
He would also like you to leave the question of whether it's OK to hire friends of Nazis to history.
When “Christian values” bring us to Donald Trump, we can tell that we have lost the real meaning of Christ along the way.
When people are presented with disagreeable facts they tend to double down on their own truth.
If we do approach the topic, we have to do it while trying our best to respect the other person's opinion. This requires
If the politics of hate had ever truly won, if it ever really could, would we still be here?
-Cost of illegal immigration to the United States: Approximately $100 billion a year. -Cost of US involvement in NATO (Trump
I'm going to preface this by saying I'm no expert on the inner workings of celebrity life. I write this from experiences I've lived and observations from my time working in entertainment as an assistant and in public relations.
Stop. Seriously, just STOP. If that isn’t enough for you, then let me explain. As a writer of letters (for that is always
Love trumps hate; Or so they say. But darkness is deep And people, clay. He claimed Muslims on the Jersey Shore Cheered 9
BUT WE'RE NOT BLOODY SORRY ARE WE??!!! When I break it down like this, it all seems so ridiculous. In all honesty, it might
This is one of those cases where a term is used so often that it loses its meaning: "luxury travel." Almost anything today can be "luxury": travel, cars, apartments, food, spirits, clothes, Jacuzzis, rehab centers, and on Airbnb I found a listing described as a "luxury church." Thomas Aquinas is spinning in his grave on that one.
For many millennials, who have only seen a few elections, this campaign season may not seem as incredible as it does to those of us who have seen 30+ years of elections. The 2016 Presidential campaign is unprecedented.
Supervised injection facilities have been successful in several countries but not yet adopted in NYC.
This weekend, while the world was celebrating the achievements of athletes in the Rio Olympics, Turkey went through another
Talk to your tribe. They are probably well-meaning people.
My wife (who has a Roman shrewdness though she's more cheerful than Calpurnia) says I'm posting too much political material on Facebook--she fears both for my wits and my reputation.
I trust Hillary because she is smart, determined, and qualified to be president. I trust her because no one has ever been able to show me how any of her alleged transgressions came from a place of evil intent or even actionable negligence.
A woman was standing at the Republican National Convention, holding a sign that read “No Racism, No Hate.”