Those who wonder what the hell is going on with the accelerating number of startups getting billion-dollar valuations and above, please raise MY hand.
As high school juniors and their parents ponder whether to visit or not to visit, I strongly recommend the former. It's the only way for students to see whether they could imagine spending four years at a given college, and it allows them to set themselves apart from the pack by showing colleges how much they really do care.
For American manufacturing to resurge in this competitive global market, handcrafted niche products are an essential pillar that needs to be developed. With cheaper foreign alternatives this will be no easy task, but it is not impossible.
As artists and entrepreneurs learn from their peers and those that came before them, they can also learn valuable lessons from one another.
If the United States is going to produce the kind of qualified professionals that the job market demands, industry leaders must continue to donate their time to cultivating STEM passions in local student bodies.
This week, politicians, writers, activists and nonprofit leaders are gathered in Davos, Switzerland for the 43rd annual meeting of the World Economic Forum. While the issues to be addressed range from healthcare to regulation to the environment, the two of us share an interest in one particular topic -- economic growth and job creation. The Huffington Post and Goldman Sachs come at this issue with different perspectives, but a common goal. So today, our two organizations are joining forces to examine what entrepreneurs are doing to drive growth around the world and apply the lessons we have learned. Based on the experience of Goldman Sachs' 10,000 Women initiative and HuffPost's commitment to showcasing "What Is Working," we are appearing together today in Davos to open up the conversation about helping to build a global economy that not only grows but also provides much greater opportunities and prosperity to women and men alike.
What's going to make eating healthy, nutritious, and whole foods cool for kids? What's going to make it fun for families? It's design.
In my view, professional services have become conflated with 'business' when really they're a narrow subset/category of businesses.
Planning ahead at age 15 is a difficult concept for most young men. Here are some tips that I hope are helpful for my nephew and other young men (and women too!) who are starting to plan their own roadmaps for the future.
Innovation is like a gas, it becomes more powerful the more it is compressed. Our hope is that by making it easier for the builders in NYC to meet one another and exchange ideas, we can help this community grow even faster and accomplish even more for bringing our city, our country and our world into the future.