Is the movie over at that point, and we all get smiles, ice cream and jet flyovers? The fact is that the movie is never over
The Syrian ceasefire deal concluded by the US and Russia will be present at the UN General Assembly summit attended by world
Can the government really let them walk away from the occupation without being charged? Armine Sahakyan is a human rights
Russia was so concerned that the rate-increase protests in Armenia could lead to an uprising against its ally Sargsyan that
A little history would be helpful. Throughout his rule in Turkey since 2002, Erdogan has gone through thick and thin to eliminate
What if your yoga practice could help heal distress and resolve interpersonal conflict? It can. Cooperation between opposing forces is the key to reaching peace.
The constitutional provision that may allow the Right to force the resignation of President Maduro is the recall referendum (Art.72). They already resorted to a recall referendum against Hugo Chavez in August 2004 the then President who won with 59%.
The Syrian Civil War, which began as an uprising to overthrow the Assad regime, has devolved into a proxy war, with Turkish-backed jihadist forces serving as the main anti-Syrian opposition. Could the Islamic State have become this powerful without Turkey's assistance?
On October 25, Argentinians will go the polls to elect their next democratic president who, for the first time since 2003, won't have "Kirchner" as a last name. But the choice Argentinians will really be making concerns not an individual but, rather, the type of country they want to recover.
Gosar defended his outlandish statements by claiming to be a "proud Catholic" who attended a Midwestern Jesuit College. He cites his "excellent education" that provided an opportunity for him to "think critically, to welcome debate and discussion and to be held accountable for [his] actions."