Oprah's Next Chapter

"By the time we got through it, my dad was crying, I was crying. The bottle was half empty."
When you eat fewer calories than you burn, you lose weight. This sounds so simple, but in reality it can be difficult and
David Letterman, the longest-running late-night host in U.S. television history, has announced his retirement from CBS. Come
What happened to that little girl who wanted her freedom so badly that she was willing to overcome her fear of what might happen?
"To keep his sanity," Oprah says. "Oprah's Next Chapter" airs on OWN. Ejiofor says the "detail and the humility and the poetry
"It's crazy. I've never had a girlfriend, for the most part," he admits. "I've had girls that I've dated, that I've had deep
"I didn't want to go through a process like this and not really understand it, and not really understand what the sort of
"Black males, we are America's pit bull. We're labeled vicious, inhumane and left to die on the street," Jordan says. "Oscar
Thrilled to have the Nobel Peace Prize winner at Harpo Studios, Oprah remembers, "He arrives at the show and he says to the