opt out movement

As a teacher I have to proctor the federally mandated standardized tests. But I’ve opted my own daughter out.
Hundreds of thousands of New York parents have already notified school officials that they will refuse these flawed and harmful tests.
In the past 14 years, parents have seen the destruction of neighborhood schools, based on their test scores. They have seen beloved teachers fired unjustly, because of their students' test scores. They have seen the loss of time for the arts, physical education, and anything else that is not tested.
Though Williams does open with Morial, the piece includes solid arguments for opting out of standardized testing -- and acknowledgment
In some places, they opt their kids out of the tests at higher rates than parents of students of color. Here's why some people are trying to change that.
Mass opt-out comes at a real cost to the goals of educational equity and individual student achievement while leaving the question of assessment quality unanswered.
Next week you should vote a loud "NO" on the legislation to revise No Child Left Behind (NCLB), the current version of the basic American education law the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.
Kids are refusing to take standardized tests all over the state.
This year the awards went to the leaders of the "opt out" movement in the metropolitan New York City area where parents are taking a stand by opting out of having their children take the high stakes tests.
Can these diagnostics be improved? Absolutely. But we are fooling ourselves if we think that students should not have any quantitative measures of identifying academic growth -- even flawed ones such as the current iterations of high-stakes testing.