optical illusions

Erika Lizée's exotic, illusionistic paintings extend into quasi-sculptural installations that nimbly occupy literal and liminal space at the same moment.
Exhibition Dates: March 24 - May 13, 2016 Yi Hwan Kwon: Bus Stop, 2005, mixed media, 127 x 57 x 22 inches Yi Hwan Kwon's
There were the good days, the great days of being dad, when nothing else in the world mattered at all -- not the future, not my career, not my underlying dysphoria. There were days when there was the feeling of being trapped, and I wondered whether happiness for me was an illusion that would never see the light of day.
13... 14... 15. Do you see it? The blank space transforms to a full-color image of a smiling brunette lady. And then, poof
But if this were to exist in real life, how does the water flow upward to eventually return to the bottom? Escher's optical
"I like to play with the perceptions of human beings," 1010 told The Wall Street Journal. "Sometimes we think something is
If you questioned your vision during the infamous dress fiasco, this video may bring some of those feelings back. ASAP Science
The dress really is blue and black, so why do some perfectly sane people see it as white and gold? Here comes the science