Sometimes, the real world has a startlingly different view of things.
For several days, I'd been watching the media pundits salivate over last week's poll results, in which Donald Trump rated 16 points better than Hillary Clinton in a question asking which one was "better" at "being honest and straightforward."
Most people don't have to know the details but they certainly should know the impacts. Their lifestyles and maybe their lives
As part of this yearlong observance, I encourage everyone at UCF to be more of a player in light and promote the optics industry. The university already has shown leadership through the establishment of its College of Optics and Photonics, the first college in the nation devoted to the subjects of light and photonics.
It is important for presidents to enjoy some time off from what must be the most strenuous job in the world. But as a psychoanalyst, I think it is useful to push beyond those normal excuses for a president of the United States.
Psychological scientists decided to see if hand size is more reliable than other possible rulers. They wanted to see if indeed the perceptual system treats hand size as more constant than the sizes of other objects in the world, including other body parts.
In 1592, a British ship sank near the island of Alderney in the English Channel carrying an odd piece of cargo: a small, angular
"Our work has enormous potential to enhance our ability to mold, harness and perceive waves at will," said researcher Cheng
Dr. Gabriele Jordan, a color vision researcher at Newcastle University in England, surveyed a sample of women with a colorblind
When you look into a full-length mirror and raise your right hand, your image raises its left hand. And yet both your heads are still on top. So how does a mirror reverse things right to left, but not top to bottom? Does the mirror somehow know horizontal from vertical?
"We studied the storage and retrieval of images in a hot atomic vapor (hot, hot, hot)," sings YouTube user "therockcookiebottom
What will they do with their creation? Scientists have developed a new cloak of invisibility, a.k.a. invisibility cloak, and
One paper details what's being called the world's most powerful laser, the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS). Its beam is
This fall, the eyes have it -- not just a medical need, eyeglasses and sunglasses have become accessories in themselves.
However, it's not too early to engage in that most reptilian form of analysis, gauging the "optics" of the event. How does