An expert tells us that it's possible to find the positive in any situation.
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The founders of Life is Good took to the streets of Cambridge to spread positivity.
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Science shows there are big benefits to looking on the bright side.
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“I definitely don’t have that kind of optimism," the British TV host told Stephen Colbert.
“We have optimism that we’re going to win the war,” one activist said.
2. Get angry. This may seem like strange advice from a mindfulness teacher, but anger is more proactive than fear. Like fear
Adapted from Truthdig.com. Listen to the first part of the conversation here. "So you're not for building walls?" Scheer
Although "Porch Light People" are a part of all walks of life, I'm going to begin by focusing on artists. For me, it's easiest
The most successful leaders function with a healthy dose of forward-thinking optimism and down-to-earth realism. They look
I do empathize that both parties have failed large swaths of the population for many years, causing a deep desire for change
Whatever you think of the neoliberal alternative offered by the Democrats, next year we will have a President who has denied climate change and who may withdraw our country from the Paris climate agreement, which was barely adequate to begin with.
The third rule: Live in peace with unresolved problems. Gratitude is the art of being thankful. It can be honed just as any
From there, it mushrooms into recognizing all the good that has come into my life--all the people for whom I am thankful
Even those who don’t go to yoga may have heard this bit of yoga lingo, “Namaste.” I have heard yoga teachers translate this
In a second study of over 500 undergraduate students, the same researchers found that people attracted to moving and meaningful