You’re in for one hell of a ride, but don’t worry –- you got this.
Life isn't all bad on the bright side.
Maybe it's part of growing up, but I'm beginning to think showing stress, anger and negativity is the new "rite of passage" to prove you have made it in life.
Whether there is any negativity in your life right now or not, it is wise to know what would be the best way to release the toxic emotions from your life when they arise, because in the end we are all human and we will all experience negative emotions at one point or another.
I asked Lucy why she was telling people that I had back surgery. She said, "Well, it's easier than telling them about the front." We'll, I'll give you that, Lucy. I love that she makes me laugh.
If we can't receive, face, embrace and take right action with the darkness we're given, how are we supposed to receive, face, embrace and take right action with the blessings?
Stephen J. Rose's "Rebound" claims that America will come back stronger from the current financial crisis. We found this
Optimism doesn't just boost your mood. According to new research, a glass-half-full attitude also strengthens the immune
Learn to break larger projects into separate parts or steps and prioritize which need to be done swiftly and unusually well. Do not sweat the smaller stuff which are not critical.
First, a Democrat won a special election for Dennis Hastert's House seat. Remember Denny Hastert? Republican Speaker of the