orange county district attorney

As sheriff's department officials clam up, the sentencing in an Orange County massacre remains mired in misconduct.
But that hasn't stopped his Orange County prosecutors from using them to secure convictions for decades.
The snitch scandal has already upended more than a dozen Southern California murder cases.
Having prosecutors police themselves is like having a hungry fox guard the henhouse. In almost all of the cases of exoneration in recent years, prosecutors have fought tooth and nail to maintain these false convictions knowingly and intentionally.
The Department of Justice announced its Office of Civil Rights has launched an investigation of the sheriff's office and the district attorney's office in Orange County, California, over repeated claims law enforcers there have systematically used jailhouse informants in ways that violate defendants' rights.
"The factual record in this case is troubling," a judge said of prosecutors' alleged misuse of a jailhouse informant.
DA Tony Rackauckas requested the U.S. probe hours after a new report ripped his office for a "win at all costs" mentality.
Prosecutors who withhold evidence from the defense can be booted from a case.
Erik Petersen is accused of mishandling critical evidence affecting several criminal cases.