Leighton Meester welcomed a baby with husband Adam Brody.
There are other foods that provide that same, lasting jolt. You don't need that afternoon latte to perk you up -- just work in one of these healthy snacks.
If you've been to Florida but you haven't picked your own citrus, you're missing one of the oldest tourist traditions in central Florida. It's a memorable activity the whole family can enjoy and makes for beautiful pictures. Think of it as the "other" side of the Animal Kingdom.
The state's 2013/14 orange crop is now forecast at 104.3 million boxes, down 21.5 percent from 133 million in 2012/13. As
How could we have been doing this so incorrectly for so long?
1) Oranges Even just one orange a day can help you feel younger. Not only is this delicious fruit packed with vitamin C, but