Haters will call it stealing, but scientists call it innovating.
Orcas — aka killer whales — have been documented killing and blue whales, which may actually be a positive sign.
The orca calf, named Toa, which means hero in Māori, is receiving round-the-clock care.
The killer whale soared before awestruck boaters in the Sea of Cortez.
The gentoo penguin swam for its life and was greeted by a cheering section.
Scientists speculated the killer whales are "playing" off the Iberian coast, but the games are getting increasingly dangerous.
The mother killer whale, also known as J35, gave birth to a calf researchers have determined is male.
Nearly 100 whales are stuck in miserable holding pens after being captured for the aquarium trade.
Researchers spotted the mysterious killer whales off the coast of Chile.
Marine mammal expert Regina Eisert said she thinks the whale wanted to share its dinner with her.