Nearly 100 whales are stuck in miserable holding pens after being captured for the aquarium trade.
Researchers spotted the mysterious killer whales off the coast of Chile.
Marine mammal expert Regina Eisert said she thinks the whale wanted to share its dinner with her.
There are now just 74 southern resident orcas left in the wild.
Tahlequah, whose newborn died on July 24, was spotted swimming without her calf's body on Saturday.
“I think it’s really easy to put human emotions on it, but personally I think it’s accurate. I think she is grieving,” a University of Washington scientist says.
Tahlequah has swum hundreds of miles during her grand act of grief.
It's yet another loss for the Pacific Northwest's starving orca population.
Kasatka was born in the wild, and had numerous descendants at SeaWorld.
Kyara, who was 3 months old, was the last orca born from the park's now-discontinued breeding program.
The pod of orcas has killed four gray whale calves off California's coast in just seven days.
However, these changes don't happen without the efforts of committed and compassionate citizens across the country. Their voices--when raised in unison, with authority, and with fearlessness--can effect change most significantly.
Tilikum, the SeaWorld orca whale profiled in the film ‘Blackfish,’ has died.
The whale’s involvement in a trainer’s death inspired the 2013 documentary “Blackfish.”