Blasting underwater tunes to try and keep killer whales away is a bad idea for multiple reasons, a researcher says.
Lolita, an orca whale held captive for more than a half-century, has died at the Miami Seaquarium as caregivers prepared to move her from the theme park.
One scientist suggested the yacht-damaging fad might be “leapfrogging” from a southern killer whale population.
Vets are working to make sure she's strong enough for the trip.
Experts say the phenomenon may have started after a female killer whale had a traumatic encounter with a vessel at sea.
Great white shark carcasses have been washing up off the coast of South Africa with their livers and sometimes hearts removed.
Amaya, a 6-year-old killer whale, died unexpectedly at the San Diego park.
Tahlequah, a killer whale whose devastation pulled at the world’s heartstrings in 2018, is part of an endangered population.
The new report is ~ making waves ~ in marine biology circles.
Kyara, who was 3 months old, was the last orca born from the park's now-discontinued breeding program.