Harold Wheeler chats about representation, his orchestra and, yes, playing people off the stage.
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That made Mozart the perfect composer to write a piece for clarinet, and Mr. Skiano was the perfect soloist to perform it
Shuttling between the two orchestras makes Orent aware of how difficult it is for his Brockton group to get things done on
BROWN: On February 13th, 1990 the National Symphony Orchestra came to Moscow, and returning as their conductor was Mstislav
After five years, she quit to rebuild her freelance schedule. Photo by Nancy A. Ruhling Marina is a teacher and performer
The concert was held in an amphitheater that ISIS once used as a venue for public executions.
Playing instruments was banned during Taliban rule in Afghanistan, and many conservative Muslims still frown on most forms of music today.
"This program kept my kids off the streets and gave them opportunities I never imagined," says Denise, Keith and Kayla's
It was the finale performance of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra's New Creations Festival opening night on Saturday and to be honest, the whole night threw me off guard.