Harold Wheeler chats about representation, his orchestra and, yes, playing people off the stage.
Their performance was ebullient. A concerto for two soloists is successful only if they work closely together to exchange
Only in Brockton. Orent doesn't just conduct for a living. He's also an airline pilot who has flown for decades and a dedicated
The audience included, in a special box, Raisa Gorbachev [wife of Mikhail Gorbachev]. He did a number of encores. All of
"I love the technical aspect of cooking," she says. "I love the rules, and it, like my music, allows me to work through problems
The concert was held in an amphitheater that ISIS once used as a venue for public executions.
Playing instruments was banned during Taliban rule in Afghanistan, and many conservative Muslims still frown on most forms of music today.
The program had humble beginnings with Silvan teaching music lessons to students in hallways in many of the Bridgeport schools
It was the finale performance of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra's New Creations Festival opening night on Saturday and to be honest, the whole night threw me off guard.
America's leading British conductor, Benjamin Zander, is preparing to conduct what he believes to be England's greatest symphony, Elgar's First.
"The idea dawned on me when attending a concert at Carnegie Hall with my colleagues," Bernard explained. "We've had this
I can imagine the philharmonic orchestra warming up before the classical performance of Rossini's William Tell Overture. The concertmaster enters, expecting polite applause, but the audience whistles, cheers, and throws popcorn.