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Some have gone so far as to claim credit for such recent changes as women now offering prayers in general conference or pictures
Telling women who have prepared all their lives to be good mothers, wives, and Relief Society Presidents that they are expected now to do more work within the church without being paid and without much thanks is not liberation, not really.
When I was excommunicated from the Mormon church just over a year ago, I was widely quoted as saying, “Don’t leave. Stay
A year ago, though, Kelly had by far the loudest, most quoted voice — and she suffered the deepest wound. The St. George
One of the many prejudices I have encountered in talking about my Mormonism with those outside of the church is the idea that Mormon women are oppressed and have no will or power of their own within the church.
Kelly, who was excommunicated in June 2014, now lives in Nairobi, Kenya, where she works on human-rights efforts. She was
"There are many policy changes that can happen that fall short of the radical step of giving women the priesthood, and I
She was found guilty of apostasy, defined as repeated and public advocacy of positions that oppose church teachings. Ordain
Saturday night’s meeting also featured the first-ever prayer at a session of General Conference by a black woman, offered
But those in the room — mostly Mormons ranging from babes in arms to the elderly with canes — thought differently. They wanted
The LDS Church is not a democracy, no matter how much the church depends on the laity, and it will not suffer challenges to its authority silently, particularly from women making claims to their rights.
Like many Mormons, the recent excommunication of Mormon feminist activist Kate Kelly put me at a loss for words. But when all is lost, Mean Girls explains everything.
* No action. * Formal probation (a temporary state of close supervision). * Disfellowshipment (the member may not hold a
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Moody went on to affirm the purpose for the April 5 meeting, which she says is "designed to strengthen men and boys as they