I am also feeling feelings because I know that our New York Annual Conference clergy session can be a place of courage and
As a Baptist who believes passionately in congregational ordination, this breaks my heart. There is nothing more sacred than
What would it mean for Catholic women to be able to serve at the altar as deacons? Here's what these women had to say.
For many in our denomination, including those who support LGBTQ equality, disobeying our legislated rules and order can feel
It's been nearly 2,000 years since the birth of Christianity, people. It's time to let women lead.
An international 2012 poll found that Ireland is losing its religion faster than almost every other country.
When Anglican/Episcopalian women became priests in the 1970s amid much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I was happy for them and proud of them. They took on the system and they prevailed. It wasn't easy, but they knew they had a fighting chance.
They are forgoing ordination credentials as an act of solidarity.
While differences on all matter of doctrine abound among Christians, the exclusion of women from ordination isn't simply one more theological difference. Rather, it is a form of misogyny masquerading in the guise of Biblical and theological integrity.
Carmona, a fourth-year theology seminarian who was entering his final year of preparation for ordination as a transitional
Catholic doctrine states that homosexual acts are "intrinsically disordered." As I came to a more mature awareness of my homosexuality, there were always people claiming that they learned love from Christ, yet they built a wall between gays and Jesus.
We are "gravely disordered," "afflicted with evil tendencies," our relationships constitute a "troubling moral and social phenomenon," and "a destruction of God's work," which "threatens human dignity and the future of humanity itself," but the Church somehow deeply respects us?
We praise you, God, for providing a world in which the only true hierarchy begins with you and immediately ends, equally, with each one of us. In here, out there, everywhere.
A list of those being ordained priests this spring elicits hope and joy. Almost 500 men, from age 25 to 63, constitute the class of 2011 and embody what we need in the priesthood.
Retired Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zen, who attended a recent meeting at the Vatican from, said that the ordination involved
The Catholic Church's commitment to excommunicating anyone who expresses support for the ordination of women is another manifestation of the church's continued demonization of women.