"Things are hard here for families," she says. She explained how most jobs are service job and are part-time and minimum wage. Fishing and timber jobs are very scarce, which is part of what makes this program so critical here.
As a result, some classes number around 50 students, preventing teachers from offering one-on-one assistance. Teachers have
Below, a look at how other states voted Tuesday on their respective education funding measures. On ballots in states from
My involvement with PTA began when my daughter entered school. I found there were many volunteer projects that I could be a part of to enhance the educational experience for every child.
The lengthy process to dismiss teachers accused of sexual misconduct is not unique to Umatilla. According to a New York Education
Art integration or teaching all disciplines through the arts, is gaining credibility in San Diego, and the Young Audiences effort here portends yet another victory for those advocating more art integration in the schools.
A report on the effectiveness of a "virtual school" company, K12, Inc., was released recently. It provides a serious warning to educational "innovators" who are moving in the direction of relying on technology as a substitute for teachers.
Believe it or not, 2012 is shaping up to be all about the Beaver State. With innocuous races for the Oregon legislature and an under the radar non-partisan race for statewide office, Oregon is the sleeper state up for grabs in 2012.
"I would love to say this was a better fit for everyone. There's no panacea," Elkin said. Outside factors "have an impact
For many people the debate comes down to one question: tribute or stereotype? But there's also another, arguably more compelling way to answer this question: look to the data.