Bill O’Reilly speaks publicly for the first time since his forced departure from Fox News amid sexual harassment accusations.
Historical biographies, adaptations or originals, live or die based not on historical facts alone but how these events form
When Hillary compares the Republicans to "terrorists" and suggests they will round up undocumented immigrants and put them in "box cars," evoking memories of the Holocaust, she changes the focus from the absurdity of their positions to scrutiny of hersel
Late Night host David Letterman's Toughest Moments With Politicians And Pundits
A few days ago, Stephen Colbert had a bit of fun with some comments Bill O'Reilly made about inequality in America—specifically
Republican-on-Republican fear-mongering is such a treat to enjoy. In this case, establishment Republicans vs. the Tea Party.
Bill O'Reilly claims The Supreme Court uses legal loopholes to justify political activism.
It used to be that having conversations with readers came after publication. But today a book is the outcome of thought leadership, blogging, and conversational leadership.
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CORRECTION: This article originally quoted Bill O'Reilly as joking, "I could've done four 'Factors' in the time it takes
Until we can eradicate the dishonest and corrupt unions while keeping the honest ones, municipalities in particular will continue to suffer, as will the rest of the workers and American economy.
It's not great writing that drives book sales. It's not even great marketing that sells books. It's situating your book firmly within a larger context that the reader is genuinely passionate about.
Bill O'Reilly clearly had so many questions for President Obama that there was a part three to the interview that we haven't
As is often the case in the world of television, when Bill O'Reilly's interview with President Obama was originally aired