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Jesse Watters went to Chinatown, so Jenny Yang went to Beverly Hills.
Talk show host claims restrictions don't hurt minority voters.
Fox News host blames so-called 'Ferguson Effect' for rising murder rates.
Former New York City mayor blames the Democratic frontrunner for creating the terror group.
"That was brutal what they did to those people."
What are the most oppressed groups in America? If you guessed white men and Christians, then you might be a Bill O'Reilly
Did Hell just freeze over? Bill O'Reilly and David Letterman have definitely had their differences in the past, so, when
Ah, nothing says "The O'Reilly Factor" like opening up a segment with this: "White Privilege: That is the subject of this evening's 'Talking Points Memo.'" The Fox News host had a heated discussion with Megyn Kelly Monday night about the concept of "white privilege," during which Kelly defended the idea and the evidence that supports its existence. But apparently O'Reilly still wasn't convinced, because he was back at it Tuesday night with another important announcement.
In case you didn't catch that one, don't worry, here it is written out for you: Ah, nothing says "The O'Reilly Factor" like