organ donation

The host of "Last Week Tonight" exposes some weaknesses in the system for donating organs and bodies.
Incarcerated individuals could reduce their sentence by 2 to 12 months if they donate their organs or bone marrow.
She's on life support after suffering a severe brain injury.
"My daughter was wheeled away to an operating theater. She took her last breaths there ― without me."
"I'll die free," an unvaccinated North Carolina man boasted after he lost his eligibility for a kidney donation.
"I often get asked why I was willing to donate to someone I hadn’t known for very long, even though any health complications could’ve jeopardized my Army career."
Austin Eggleston was born with congenital heart defects and needed a heart transplant to survive. After four months on the waiting list, the “Star Wars” fan got good news from a very special Wookie.