organ donation

By Leora Yarboro and Elizabeth D. Krebs Heart disease is the top cause of death in the U.S. For some people with end-stage
Austin Eggleston was born with congenital heart defects and needed a heart transplant to survive. After four months on the waiting list, the “Star Wars” fan got good news from a very special Wookie.
The reputations of two of China’s most senior figures in transplantation are under question.
A lot of lives are being saved by drug overdose deaths.
Here at this conference, I had an opportunity that I wouldn't have had, if I was still at my home in California. I watched
What is involved in donating a brain? As with other organs, there are changes in the brain of a person who has a brain disorder
Hinduism is a conglomeration of a variety of beliefs and practices with no one, or official, set of doctrines or religious authorities. I thus offer an account of brain death from a systematic, and somewhat unified, perspective shared by several schools of Hindu philosophy concerning the mechanisms and components of consciousness and cognition.
I was first introduced to the concept of organ donation during the first year of medical school. Our anatomy professor ardently