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For some families with genetic polycystic kidney disease, they usually know someone will need a transplant in the future
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April is National Donate Life Month. Join us in celebrating the lives and stories that organ donors make possible every day
He lived for almost 59 years with his first heart, for nine years with the second one and for a full 15 years with his third heart. But each heart was a Big Heart and with each heart Richard ("Dick") A. Harbourt lived life to the fullest.
Stan Harbourt, a cousin of Dick Harbourt and a good friend of mine, perhaps says it best. "I am honored to be Dick's cousin
My parents have "organ donor" listed on their driver's licenses, so too do my siblings. When I get a license I will check that box too. In the midst of planning for my future career as a doctor, I want to also plan for an unexpected future.
The recipient of the kind act was 60-year-old Debbie Will of Greenfield, Wisconsin who had suffered kidney failure after
I realize that a lot of people have issues with organ donation. But I think those who are promoting it, need to think about those on the frontlines and make sure their worthy efforts aren't being cobbled at the very last moment.
Forty-one percent said they are in favor of straight-up cash and 46 percent said they would approve of paying donors in tax
People such as Damon Brown, a Seattle man who was in need of a kidney donor, know all about how awareness can lead to action
From the woman who received a kidney from her husband's mistress, to a man who had a penis transplant but cut it off because
Neil Millman wanted to give me some pointers about what was ahead of me. As I walked into his hospice room, I knew it could just as easily have been my room. The cancer that is attacking his body is the result of taking drugs for years that kept his transplanted kidney alive.
Read more about Buell and the Vazquez family's journey here. Felix Vazquez walked out of Northwestern Memorial Hospital on
I come to this discussion with a point of view that not too many have. An exceedingly personal point of view. I donated a kidney 8 weeks ago.