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It is unclear what the organ was intended for, but it was discovered en route to Dallas when it was supposed to be delivered to a hospital in Seattle.
Two of the best small victories for a hard-working mom? Still feeling desirable and having thoughtful, engaging conversations
“They’re 95 percent sure it was human,” the Norwalk police chief says.
"At night, when I'm going to bed, I'll plug my phone in, and then I'll plug myself in."
"I believe she would be home recuperating now, if not for a broken transplant system..."
Vivek Pandher will never grow old. He will always stay young, smiling, and live forever. (Photo: Letter by BC (Canada) Transplant
The story of Zoi Kostarides could surely be the script of a movie, as it is the story of the first woman in Greece who has ever undergone a transplant operation and despite the doctors' objections, she got pregnant and gave birth to a healthy little boy. Her health problem was made known to her by some medical examinations she had when she was thirteen years old.