organ transplant

A modified pig kidney temporarily attached to a human body showed no signs of rejection.
Organ recipients who aren't vaccinated against COVID-19 are at much greater risk of dying from the disease, data shows.
The donor initially tested negative for the coronavirus. Now, doctors are calling for more thorough testing to be performed ahead of transplants.
Is it brave to make a decision that doesn’t scare you?
It is time to discuss, once again, the lifting of a moratorium on research. We are not talking about the CRISPR genome-editing moratorium, but about the 20 August announcement by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) to lift the moratorium on research involving chimeric human/non-human embryos.
Donors who injected drugs, as well as those who had been incarcerated, had sex for drugs or money, or had recently been on dialysis, are among the large group of people classified as being at higher than average risk for one or more of these viruses.
Jeni Stepien heard her deceased father's heart beat for the first time since his death.