Organic Valley

Lt to rt: Steve Pierson, Jeff Moyer At Grass Up!, I met Steve Pierson, an organic diary farmer who used to farm using conventional
The Organic Trade Association (OTA), a membership-based organization of organic food companies, is working to bust myths
If we truly want to feed the world -- to change the world -- we need both big and small farmers to go organic. In other words, we need all farmers. Everywhere. Switch to organic. People and producers are willing to pay you well and help you succeed. You are not alone!
With the rich agricultural heritage of the south as backdrop to historic Charleston, SC, I joined 300 of America's best chefs, food producers and food activists in early November, for the Chefs Collaborative National Sustainable Food Summit
I'm inspired by Organic Valley CEO George Siemon's ability to engage in food advocacy and policy while at the helm of his highly successful business.
For more from Maria Rodale, go to         I recently attended an unbelievable event in New
Organic is how Morrison eats. "When I was growing up, my mother produced all the vegetables we ever ate. She put a lot of food by for the winter, canning and freezing." He and his wife Sonja keep that tradition alive for themselves and Morrison's three daughters. "We don't have much occasion to eat food that isn't organic."
James mentioned to me that he did not have any prior knowledge about organic agriculture, but in recent years he watched
We caught up with George on the heels of winning the NRDC's fourth annual Growing Green Award, given for his efforts in making our food system healthier and more sustainable.
For more from Maria Rodale, go to PS 364's farming is part of the science class curriculum
Food and agriculture must be a large focus of the environmental movement. Indeed, one could say we could eat our way through major threats by eating food that is grown with respect to nature.
For those who believe that sustainability cannot be achieved while Monsanto is around, I would mention that CROPP is accomplishing
Biodiversity by Dr. Guy Jodarski, Staff Veterinarian at Organic Valley from GustOrganics on Vimeo. Susan: Working together
If you haven't yet heard yet, Friday is the 3rd annual "Save the Frog Day," billed as a worldwide event. It's a good cause, in theory. But problems arise when people start mis-allocating the blame for disappearing amphibian species.
Baseless attacks within the organic community do not serve the organic cause. Instead of fighting with each other, we need to fight Monsanto and the forces that are ignoring Americans who support organic and want the right to choose.
1. Animals must graze pasture during the grazing season, which must be at least 120 days per year; 2. Animals must obtain