organized labor

As AFL-CIO president, Trumka served as the face of American labor over the past decade.
"We’re giving people the tools to represent themselves."
Labor Day is a celebration of workers' accomplishments in America, and represents the best parts of our nation's devotion to protecting our workers from corporate abuse.
Today, one out of every four manufacturing workers in Ohio is paid less than $12.43 an hour. And as a result, nearly one-in-four manufacturing workers in the state now relies on public assistance programs.
The justices won't reconsider an explosive case that posed an existential threat to organized labor.
The largest strike in five years may soon be over.
If the argument is that workers' lives and lungs must be sacrificed to ensure that foundries and fracking operations and construction companies can make bigger profits, then the GOP will take the side of CEOs who value workers as trivial.