organizing for action

The former president's activist group Organizing for Action will be folded into a fight to end gerrymandering.
According to his website, Sanders mentions expanding college access to people with disabilities, along with every other citizen
I would love to see the candidates court voters with disabilities, the same way that they are trying to court different constituencies, such as African-Americans, LGBTQ people, Evangelical Christians and others. In order to do that, I believe there would have to be more unity.
WASHINGTON -- Organizing for Action, the nonprofit advocacy group birthed for President Barack Obama’s two presidential campaigns
Tim Miller, Executive Director of America Rising, a Republican opposition research group, tweeted his thanks to OFA after
When President Barack Obama’s campaign machine restructured itself as a politically active nonprofit in 2013, one goal was
7. OFA turned into a dark money nonprofit. Following another successful electoral campaign, the Obama for America machinery
Voters who disapprove of Congress should "throw out the bums" who create the conditions that voters despise, and should defeat do-nothing and obstruct-everything Republicans in Washington.
Both the White House and Republicans are battling by anecdote, inviting Americans to share their Obamacare testimonials. Obama
The group that runs President Barack Obama's Twitter says his account was not hacked, but a link shortener used by Organizing for Action was compromised.
An OFA official confirmed to the Huffington Post that an account with the group's link shortener was hacked -- but that was
The caucus co-chairs, Reps. Jim Langevin (D-R.I.) and Lee Terry (R-Neb.), both said the sign was inappropriate and offensive
As both sides negotiate atop Capitol Hill to reopen federal offices that've been closed for more than two weeks, politicos are trying to score every last partisan point -- and suck in every last political dollar.
A handful of donors gave larger contributions of $25,000 or more. In total, these 23 donors gave more than $1 million in
Climate change deniers should be concerned about the growing generational divide we're seeing nationwide. Young people don't question the evidence - they overwhelmingly accept the science of climate change and are concerned for how it will affect their lives.
No matter that most every headline today is shouting about disappearing money: Legions of Democrats and Republicans alike are trying to cash in politically on the turbulence, buffeting supporters with messaging urging them to open their wallets.
Organizing For Action, the successor organization to the Obama campaign, unveiled a new ad Monday hitting Republicans for
"What I definitely want you all to know is that OFA supports President Obama and the agenda that Americans voted for on Nov
When the great actor Matt Damon recently said that President Obama "broke up with me," he hit the jackpot of telling political truth in the eyes of many progressive Democrats and independents.
OFA, which manages the president's Twitter account, took to social media early this week to begin gearing up for Tuesday's