While terrorism is a real problem in the world, it is also one that is socially constructed as perpetrated by Muslims and Muslims alone. This leads to dangerous and problematic stereotypes and tropes of Islam and Muslims.
The Islamophobic imaginary reduces everything related to Islam and Muslims into a singular frame that is negative. Trump's primary source of information is TV news and talk shows, which illustrate the total saturation of the public atmosphere with Islamophobia discourses.
What we have today is a West that is retreating militarily and shrinking economically, yet one that still speaks as the lord and master in command of the fates of nations and continents.
If Coldplay's "Hymn for the Weekend" is the theme music for your upcoming weekend, let us stop you right there. The music video takes the complexity and vastness of Indian culture and squeezes it into the long-romanticized Western narrative of said culture.
Living in the Midwest, I realize that the humanity of Muslims is best displayed just by being there. Better than an image of a random person, you witness me.