Love is the only paradigm that will result in harmony among you and us - your citizens.
Having a successful mentor/mentee relationship is not easy. There are many factors that play into the relationship between somebody willing to learn and somebody willing to teach.
Over the next few weeks, parents across the U.S. will be taking their sons and daughters to college, a momentous event and a turning point that, once ventured upon, can never be reversed.
If you've worked in a nonprofit in the past or currently work in one, you know that the way you manage your resources (people, goods and time) is a critical determinant of your success. How you prioritize dramatically impacts your fate.
First-year students want a friend group. And they want it immediately. If a student doesn't have one, was ditched by one, or is in the process of seeking a new one, college can be a very lonely place.
Stereotypes seem to help justify inequality in social systems by providing the reasons why some are at the top. Ironically, dominant groups and the dominated seem to share the beliefs that justify the status differences we see around us.
30 years ago my mom roomed in the dorm right next door. Weird, right? She says it was a lot different back then. Most significant was the fact that she could drink at 18. My mother says she was able to party, pay for school through loans, and get a job that paid it all back. So, what will this mean for me?
But: only if ... Should you make a map? "How did you get back?" He asked. After two days of storms with little visibility