While none of these measures could have been achieved without strong public support, there are nevertheless countless individuals
Common Core math, for better or worse, is no longer about calculations; it is about reading.
Although the Nepal Earthquake has left the 24 hour media cycle and for the rest of the world it is out-of-sight out-of-mind, the repercussions are still wreaking havoc on poor developing villages all over the country.
Along with their mother's help, the two hope to get the origami creations to Taylor and Andrea. Taylor Swift's been known
The U.S. economy has lost more than a third of its industrial base over the past 20 years and with it more than six million good-paying jobs. This loss is the real cause of the rising economic inequality that now plagues our nation.
After the initial hellos, a few glasses of champagne and the exchanging of white elephant gifts, holiday parties can experience
At the time, he also told the blog that he’d started making his own origami paper, as he was finding it difficult to buy
"We want to share our passion for this art form with the world and inspire others to take part in and contribute to the legacy
His name is Sipho Mabona, he's a professional origami artist and he wants to create a life-size replica of an elephant from
Who knew you could turn an ordinary dollar bill into a work of art! The other books they had in their possession also had instruction for many other things like butterflies, bugs, birds and even what looked like an Aloha shirt.
Hanoi-based origami artist Nguyễn Hùng Cường has a real knack for turning delicate handmade papers into intricately folded
Sima Cunningham, a 23-year-old musician who lives at the house off Fairfield Avenue and Logan Boulevard, built the crane
I got to see Chicago for the first time a few weeks back. It is a beautiful city -- full of old trees and old buildings. Right up my alley. It was a journey of almost 1,000 miles. Nine hundred, actually. From Texas to Illinois. We drove. We survived. Wanna know our secret?
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What do you get when you mix sculpture, puppetry and origami? Rochester, New York duo Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle have developed
Italian artist Daniele Papuli makes site-specific installations out of thousands of strips of paper, transforming the medium