orlando attack

The logs detail more than four hours of terror as dispatchers received calls by the minute.
It is de rigueur among tolerant liberals who don't want to divide society further in our unsettling times to dismiss Samuel Huntington's thesis of a "clash of civilizations." But Huntington was right -- though perhaps in a way he didn't grasp. (continued)
This horrible event provided Putin with an occasion to address the U.S. not as a rival, an enemy or a critical opponent to be met with defiance, but simply as another country.
He explained how what had been a "great night" quickly turned deadly, as the shooter entered the club.
I am Pulse. Early reports suggest that Mateen pledged allegiance to "Islamic State" while launching his shooting spree. We
Trump's contention is that our differences define us and should separate us. The American narrative is the opposite, though. Our differences have made our businesses, political system, and higher education system more dynamic, innovative and strong.