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The president has planned to run for a second term since his inauguration.
The South Bend, Indiana, mayor paid tribute to the 49 people killed in the Orlando, Florida, massacre, calling for gun control and anti-hate crime legislation.
I don’t want to carry a purse in the amusement parks. Fanny pack, plop into my cart! We’re going to Orlando in June. Portable
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A man and a woman were fighting in Orlando when the bunny suddenly came up and started throwing rabbit punches.
A Southwest Airlines flight was forced to return to Orlando, Florida, after pilots declared an engine-related emergency.
Officers could have prevented deaths by entering the Florida nightclub sooner, the lawsuit argues.
A temporary monument to the victims of the 2016 mass shooting was unveiled Tuesday.
Construction on a temporary memorial for the victims of the 2016 mass shooting at Pulse nightclub will begin next week.
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In recent Facebook posts, Michael Hunt, 43, had referred to the singer as his "queen" and had spoken of "tak[ing] off" with her.
Jennifer Kesse's family is filing suit for access to police records.
At present, authorities have few leads in the disturbing case.
People inhale soot and noxious fumes from the car-laden highways encircling their historically black community.
Omar Delgado, 45, Greater Orlando, Florida. Pulse nightclub shooting, June 12, 2016. It was well after midnight when Omar
"I’ve made peace with the fact that there must surely be something irreparably broken your soul..."