orlando gay club shooting

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To call what happened in Orlando an "attack on America," or the act of a "radicalized Islamist," or not to call your LGBT family members at this time, sends the message: "Things are just as bad for you as they are for me." And that is simply not true.
With each new terrorist attack -- Orlando is just the latest of a lengthening global string- Hillary Clinton's presidential prospects sink further. The reason may be traced to the four corners of a "no way out" box that a far too politically correct Clinton now finds herself trapped in.
"We proudly reaffirm Orlando's identity as a welcoming, inclusive place for people who live here or visit, no matter their background or orientation," the paper said.
An FBI official cautioned that proving the suspected link to radical Islamism required further investigation.
Queer Voices
The FDA legally prohibits donations from men who have sex with men.