orlando massacre

Raffi Freedman-Gurspan said she has "chills" thinking about the loss of her role.
When Trump says immigrants must share our values for "respect of women and gays" he's trying to dupe both GOP moderates and the media into the belief that he actually supports LGBT rights when he doesn't.
The pain is real and I have been suffering from the heartbreak and fear of what could happen next. I may not have known anyone directly impacted by these recent events of the season, but they have made me apply caution to my life.
It’s sad to think that it could take this kind of massacre to bring our community together,
The pair speaks with survivors of the Pulse nightclub shooting for a TV special.
As ISIS loses territory, experts say it is looking to carry out more global attacks.
is a grim kind of luck that the deadliest shooting in American history should have happened two blocks from a Level 1 trauma
Tony Marrero reveals his current struggles in "True Life: We Are Orlando."