orlando shooting victims

I was recently at a Compassionate Friends National Conference where a friend came up and said he read an article I had written
Jimmy Nguyen interviews founders of the #RestInPRIDE video campaign. The campaign inspires everyone to share your most prideful
After tragedy, love, support and togetherness are needed most. Adam Keller and Jared Marinelli, best known around the world
The group was initially going to give the money to a number of nonprofits.
I think people that are homophobic are close-minded and can't accept others for being different. We all need to respect gay and lesbian rights, we all need to stand up against this horrible cancer known as homophobia because it kills us.
However, there are grief tips that can help you start to process all those mixed emotions, heal the heartbreak of the loss, and provide a way to look forward with a positive outlook:
It will address their short- and long-term needs.
The fact that ISIS capitalizes on this hatred should not surprise us. But it would be tragic if the terrorist organization became the tree that hides the homophobic forest.