oroville dam

Since Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have unleashed their wrath on the U.S. ― two “thousand year” and $100+ billion in damage
It’s wonderful to be dry. That might sound strange, but if you’ve been touched by flood, you know exactly what I mean. Californians
America's water infrastructure is crumbling, and there's little political will to do much about it.
By Robert Glasser* The Oroville Dam’s structural weakness and the forced evacuation of 200,000 people living in its shadow
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But residents should remain vigilant, officials said Tuesday.
“Dams, bridges, roads and all ports around the country have fallen into disrepair."
It took New York law makers until La Guardia Airport was literally falling apart before they allocated $5 billion to finally
Nearly 200,000 people have been evacuated.