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Because they'd been together so long, I also invited them to write a paragraph or favorite story about the club itself. My
For week 47 of 52 books in 52 weeks I read Bill Bryson's One Summer: America, 1927. And for week 48 I read Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card.
I wonder if I'll have to turn in my "Friend of Dorothy" card now. Recently I dared to see Ender's Game, the target of an LGBT boycott campaign because the author of the book, Orson Scott Card, is an unrepentant homophobe. And so he is; that much is clear.
I was going into Ender's Game with very low expectations because the trailers made it look like a horrible money grab of a movie. But now, having seen the film, I must say... The trailers did this film NO justice.
Much has been made of Orson Scott Card's Mormon heritage and the influence it might have had on his beloved series, Ender's Game. But what about the new film? Does it have Mormon -- or even broadly Christian -- overtones?
How do I pass along one of my favorite childhood treasures, knowing that it was authored by someone whose beliefs are truly ugly to me?
As a newcomer to the series, I found myself much more interested in the film's take on leadership, the military, war, and empathy for one's enemy.
"Ender's Game" author Orson Scott Card is calling criticism in response to his anti-gay views "savage, lying deceptive personal
When I was 11 years old my father handed me a copy of Ender's Game. I'd been reading science fiction for a while and the escape it provided was a life-saver. I was a lonely kid, often unable to connect to other children. I was precocious. I was a nerd. And I was gay.
Harrison, who stars in the sci-fi flick about an imperiled mankind facing an alien invasion, discussed the controversy surrounding
Authorities release the names of all 12 fatalities in yesterday's shooting in Washington DC; John McCain says some Republicans resist the president because they just don't like him; Orson Scott Card's new TV gig comes under fire.
Progress North Carolina Action started circulating an online petition Monday calling on state Senate President Pro Tem Phil
Looks like "Ender's Game" author Orson Scott Card is in hot water yet again.
Looks like "Ender's Game" author Orson Scott Card is in hot water yet again. Although his theories may seem shocking, Card
Imagine that a father and son are on a ship that is attacked by a horde of Buggers. Both men are horribly injured. Luckily
Orci reveals that while a lot of the cast emerged from just being fans of the book, choosing Harrison Ford was an exciting process.
My hope is that my lecture, "What's Morally Wrong With Homosexuality?", will provide support to everyone struggling against the idea that there's something wrong/deviant/unnatural about same-sex relationships -- whether they live in marriage-equality states or not.
Film: Terms and Conditions May Apply (2013) Cast includes: Orson Scott Card, Raymond Kurzweil, Joe Lipari, Mark Zuckerberg
In response to the controversy, Lionsgate Entertainment officials released the following statement, as cited by The New York
You love the book. You want to see the movie. But you can't stand Orson Scott Card's views on homosexuality. What should you do?