President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and thousands of other Muslims gathered for Friday prayers at the nearly 1,500-year-old house of worship.
Many people think of religion as an end in itself and assume that being religious is the only thing God requires of them. The Bible doesn't bear that out. God wants people to be real, to be good, and to become all he made them to be, which requires people to come to him in faith.
A non-Mormon friend recently thanked me for speaking so openly and honestly about my change in religious beliefs. She told me that there are people in every religion who have similar experiences with those who are closed-minded and rigid in their approach to worship and who struggle to continue to believe in God after life's tragedies. This made me think more carefully about my own journey to God and to remember more clearly who I once was and how I have changed.
Many are of the opinion that the Church will be the one that will eventually become the bastion of Hellenism at these critical
(5) Others saw that tradition as narrow and rigid. It needed to develop as its people developed. Every age saw itself and
Using Orthodox theology as a springboard, we can harness the celebration of Christmas to live a more fulfilling life -- to
Amazingly, Orthodox Jewish institutions have been surprisingly ahead of the curve when it comes to embracing technologically
The great tragedy in life today is we accept the wrong invitations in life and therefore we miss the banquet that has been prepared for us. We miss the eternal banquet that gives us life in Jesus Christ and we settle, we settle for the lesser things in this life, the things that are fleeting rather than the eternal.
Last week, three hotly trending topics in my Facebook feed related to feminism. The first was about a video of a woman walking around Manhattan to much objectification. The second pertained to a voyeuristic rabbi who had installed cameras in a D.C. mikvah. The third was about another Orthodox rabbi who resigned from the RBC in light of the recent mikvah scandal.