"We have to remember that the enemy toppled the Taliban and Saddam's regime."
The Man Who Killed Usama Bin Laden Trailer
The Sikh advocacy organization sent letters or made phone calls to several retailers selling the item to request its removal
In our Voices of Pakistan series, the Huffington Post is writing a series of articles exploring the views of the Pakistani
I hope that Pakistanis who are understandably offended by U.S. violation of Pakistan's sovereignty will keep in mind that individual Americans don't represent, nor are we necessarily well represented by, the American government.
Let's hope that our audacious belief in the 'change' candidate of 2008 pays off in the final scene; after all, the price
Although in the minority, Blankenbeker is not alone. There's a Facebook group called "Osama bin Laden NOT DEAD." In a recent
Watch the entire opening sketch below and let us know what you think. Did this go too far or was it right on the money? Is
Even though bin Laden's widow identified his body, there are still people doubting that he was really killed. Now that the
A Louisiana State University student allegedly stole and burnt an American flag that flew over a campus war memorial shortly
Clearly, McRaven has used his communications degree to his advantage. McRaven is a Vice Admiral in the Navy, a Navy SEAL
In the last few days, Sohaib Athar (@reallyvirtual) has gone from an IT consultant living in Pakistan to the "the guy who
On what he declared was the "greatest triumph" of his Presidential exploration campaign, Donald Trump declared that his efforts
Watch both parts of the segment below, including the time that Pres. Musharraf came on "The Daily Show" in 2006 and, as Stewart
"I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure." A simple Google search reveals that the
Late in 2010, a University of Arizona team presented research on a machine that can do the analysis in just two hours in
In the sketch, Trump takes the same podium that President Obama did when he addressed the nation Sunday night, saying that
WATCH: Part one While Stewart was none too thrilled about bin Laden being buried at sea so quickly ("You just threw him off