"We have to remember that the enemy toppled the Taliban and Saddam's regime."
The Man Who Killed Usama Bin Laden Trailer
Under pressure from the Sikh community, Walmart on Friday pulled a turban-themed costume from its website that the Sikh Coalition
In our Voices of Pakistan series, the Huffington Post is writing a series of articles exploring the views of the Pakistani
I hope that Pakistanis who are understandably offended by U.S. violation of Pakistan's sovereignty will keep in mind that individual Americans don't represent, nor are we necessarily well represented by, the American government.
You can read more about this concept of 'bloody thoughts' in my book, The Hamlet Secret, but don't wait for it to arrive
When asked about her reaction to President Barack Obama's announcement that bin Laden was killed, Blankenbeker referenced
WATCH: It's a darker sketch than one first realizes, in that it makes no apologies for holding bin Laden up as a worthy object
Fire up Instapaper! Here are our 5 essential tech reads for the week of May 1. This week, we've been enjoying pieces on the