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The pressure is always on for celebs to look their best on Oscar night. But after a divorce, the pressure is even more intense
Tim Gunn joins Alicia on set to discuss the best looks of the evening.
Tim Gunn joins Alicia on set to discuss dresses worn by Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Kerry Washington and Charlize Theron.
Tim Gunn joins Alicia on set to discuss the Oscar fashions worn by andra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, Amy Adams, Octavia Spencer and Helen Hunt.
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Sunday's Academy Awards are all about celebrating art, the highfalutin will tell you. It's about the mastery of a medium
With the 83rd Academy Awards just around the corner, people the world over are gearing up to watch what is arguably the most
The Gay Super Bowl is the Sunday! That's right, it's Oscar weekend. Do you know all your info? Well, if you're late to the big game, it sounds like you need the real scoop behind this year's ceremony.
Most of the stars kept it classy at the Oscars, but at the Vanity Fair after party lots of cleavage came out to play. Who
You would be hard pressed to find much of any misguided fashion steps this year at the Oscars. Bravo! And among the shorter attendees, my hats off to them, they really held their own.
LOS ANGELES--This year's Academy Awards pre-ceremony red carpet display has analysts worried that the divide between the
Women continue to hold the majority of the public's interest when it comes to red carpet fashion but one can't ignore the strides Hollywood's leading men have taken to move men's fashion forward.
Some of our favorite Oscar looks over the years have topped the tabloids' worst-dressed lists. With the 81st Annual Academy
We know that many people think it's okay to say mean things about celebrities because "they asked for it" by putting themselves