Oscar Host

The 2019 Academy Awards is proof that championing multiple presenters is more enjoyable than tormenting one lonely ringleader.
Producers plan to delegate the role of emcee to a selection of A-list stars, who will introduce various segments.
While allegedly violating young women, the actor used queerbaiting to paint himself a progressive artist.
17. Sammy Davis Jr., Helen Hayes, Alan King, and Jack Lemmon (1972) After the previous year's horde of hosts (32 of them
Like most Murphy fans, I'd been waiting for years for him to return to his comedic roots and ditch the family comedies. I figured the Oscars would be a great platform to run wild as he did in the 1980s.
The Oscar co-host -- and likely Best Actor nominee -- spoke with EW about his unconventional role, and what made him take