Oscar Lopez Rivera

Fifth Avenue in New York City was alive with Puerto Rican pride.
Some supporters have pulled out of the annual event over its decision to honor Oscar López Rivera.
In the 1970s, domestic political bombings were so common they barely made the paper. By one FBI estimate, there were 1,900
I ask you, Mr. President, after you have crusaded against disproportionately long criminal sentences, who is counseling you to deny clemency to this one senior citizen?
Oscar López Rivera is a political prisoner who at 74 years of age has served 34 years in American prisons, 12 of them in consecutive solitary confinement, because of his ideas. Sentenced to 55 years for seditious conspiracy in 1981 and an additional 15 years for conspiracy to escape in 1987, López Rivera has never been convicted of a violent act.
Today I'd like to address an aspect of the passions surrounding the relationship between the United States and Puerto Rico that has been steadily gaining the attention not only of Puerto Ricans, but of the international community as a whole: the fate of Oscar López Rivera.
“The release of the Puerto Rican Oscar López Rivera, after 32 years in prison, is an issue directly related to the basic
The campaign, which started at midnight on Wednesday, prompted strong reactions on Twitter with many voicing contrasting