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Oscar Mayer, Nathan's, Ball Park ... who makes the best affordable wieners? Three pros conduct a taste test.
Collaborative innovation, by driving growth and creating value, benefits not only the partnering companies but also consumers
Photo Credit: Kraft Foods, Inc. / ItemMaster Oscar Mayer knew the power of name recognition, and that definitely was part
Back in 1927 Oscar G. Mayer the son of Oscar F. Mayer used the family’s processed meat moola to move into this mansion just a stone’s throw from Lake Michigan and lived in the home until the mid 1960s
Planters Peanuts is unveiling two peanut-shaped cars in Chicago on Wednesday in honor of Mr. Peanut, who got a makeover last
April 21 (Reuters) - Kraft Foods Group Inc is recalling about 96,000 pounds of Oscar Mayer Classic Wieners because the packages
I know, I know: Oscar Mayer Wieners are a family product, and owner Kraft Foods is a family company. But let's face it, the hilarious-to-kids name is a big part of the appeal of this particular brand of casing-bagged meat paste.
While the company's specialty Father's Day site says that several of the bacon gift options are temporarily sold out, a representative
Finally, Oscar Mayer has combined two of the things meat-eaters love most: bacon and hot dogs. While the product is not like
GALLERY: The Weird News ride in the Wienermobile (story continues below) Paradise is an exclusive ride in the Oscar Mayer
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Paul, over the last few days it has been widely reported that you used to drive the world-famous Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, however, we both know that this is simply not true.