oscar mayer wienermobile

Photo Credit: Kraft Foods, Inc. / ItemMaster Oscar Mayer knew the power of name recognition, and that definitely was part
As the cardinals prepare for the conclave to elect the next pope this week, I would like to recommend a candidate they may have overlooked. Someone I think would be the perfect pope successor. Father Duty.
GALLERY: The Weird News ride in the Wienermobile (story continues below) Paradise is an exclusive ride in the Oscar Mayer
American people are still under the impression that you landed one of the coveted jobs of Hotdogger, and as a former Hotdogger, I'm a little bit insulted. I had a 1 percent chance of getting that job. 1 percent. You know, like what Mitt would have paid in taxes under your plan.
The Ford Mustang. The Chevy Camaro. The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile? In the years since, the Wienermobile has evolved from a
When Dallas high school senior, Ben Ross, was in a serious motorcycle accident, he revealed his one wish to his mom from