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Senior members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and members of its Public Relations Branch have reason
Jiri Menzel is an Oscar-winning director and a theatre director. Menzel is not only a director, however he is also an actor and screenwriter. He has directed 28 films, written 20 screenplays, and starred in 67 titles. He has also been a member of the jury at the Moscow and Berlin International Film Festivals.
Read more from Portman's interview over at The Hollywood Reporter. The actress is Jewish and ABC News reported that her husband
More importantly though, we're nominating ALL OF YOU to check out and participate in our 2015 Oscars drinking game: EVERYONE
Whoever wins the Oscars during the 87th Oscar Awards broadcast on February 22nd, one thing is certain -- the Oscar brand is alive and well.
Over the years, contemporary artist and athletes, usual African American with the exception of Tim Tebow and country music
“Let It Go” was written by Robert Lopez and his wife Kristen Anderson-Lopez. Robert’s Oscar allowed him to join the likes
Test your Best Picture knowledge with this handy infographic, which illustrates each winner throughout the Oscars' 85-year
Oscar speeches and spirituality? Confession is good for the soul. At the annual awards, five little words set my teeth on edge, "And I want to thank," followed by the long, obligatory list of industry insiders. Just once I'd love to see someone get real about gratitude.