Oscars 2010

People who think that Zero Dark Thirty shows that the torture of Ammar leads in some direct way to the capture of Bin Laden are simply wrong. That just is not part of the story Bigelow is telling.
Am I the only one who thought this year's Oscar hosts, Anne Hathaway and James Franco, were a breath of fresh air compared to Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin in 2010?
"I couldn't get an interview even though my last movie made $400 million," she claims. "I was told it had to be directed
I was also delighted when Katey Sagal won for Sons of Anarchy. Kudos also for Chris Colfer's win for Fox' Glee. But then we had to listen to Gervais again.
Black Swan is wrapped together in a wonderful package by director Darren Aronofsky to such an extent that you are gripped from almost the beginning right until the captivating end.
I'm not a boxing fan, but when it's part of a good story my heart races. That's how I felt encountering Rocky many years ago, and the experience was matched at a screening of The Fighter.
The Motion Picture Academy does an injustice, not only to the recipients but to their fans, by continuing its new policy of presenting honorary Oscars at a special function in November instead of the ceremony next February.
While promoting 'Avatar' in Brazil over the weekend, Sigourney Weaver slammed the Academy for voting for 'The Hurt Locker
Sandra Bullock and Jesse James looked the happy couple at the Oscars, where Sandra Bullock picked up her Best Actress award
The so-called Oscar curse where a smart beautiful woman's success bruises her husband's delicate ego compelling him to run into the arms of some dim-witted damsel du jour is missing a crucial ending.
"Avator" actor Sam Worthington made a subtle style statement on the Oscars red carpet, sporting a Brioni tux with Payless
In trying to appeal to the young, the producers of the 82nd Academy Awards turned what could have been a meaningful evening into a bloodless night of dinner theater.
"I'm screaming at the TV: 'Ask her who's she wearing!' " Ms. Kaufman said. "I was so angry, my husband was laughing at me
Fans of "The Cove," the environmentally themed film that won the best documentary Oscar last night, will be happy to know
The Hurt Locker is an endorsement of the politically chauvinistic view that the world is a stage upon which Americans get to deal with their demons no matter the consequence for others.
As Hollywood settles back into a more quotidian routine, its Oscargasm finally over and the glitz and glam neatly folded away till another season, it's a good time to take a look back at a few of this year's awards season highlights.
Jesse James may be a tough guy who builds motorcycles and performs death-defying stunts, but he's not above the pomp of the
Then Gerard entered the frame and Billy asked Gabby to repeat herself. But she got a second chance on Sunday when she saw
Oprah Winfrey asked to introduce Gabourey Sidibe at the Oscars because she sees the young actress as a kindred spirit. "I
By George! Mr. Clooney shocked many an Oscar viewer Sunday night when he was seemingly unamused by hosts Alec Baldwin and